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With the right VPN and BitTorrent Client, you can safely and anonymously download the latest torrents such as movies, music, games, books and even apps for FREE.

Before attempting to download any torrents, always make sure you are successfully connected to your VPN first. This will ensure that your online activities are always hidden from your ISP.

Our #1 Choice For The Latest Movies

Our go to site for the latest movies has to be by YIFY. HD movies at the smallest file size. If you have been using torrents for any length of time, then you may recognise the handle “YIFY”, the single most used handle on torrent sites. Now they have their own website, and offer up movies in 3D, Blu Ray, 1080p HD, 1080p HD web rips and now 2160p 4K.

Free To Join And Download

3D, Blu Ray, 1080p HD and 4K Movies

Incredibly Small File Size

Unlimited Torrents, Movies, & Entertainment

Donwload as many torrents as you wish

Experience a truly free internet by using a VPN to hide your online activities. Visit as many torrent sites as you like and download as much content as your hard drive can store. Or you can simply delete it and download it again at a later date.

Top 5 Torrent Clients That Are Free

There are many different torrent clients on the market, so picking one that you are going to be comfortable using is going to be important. Here is our top 5 torrent clients for downloading torrents.

Whilst they all offer very similar features, the main difference between them is how they designed the user interface and how user friendly they believe it to be. We have our own preference, but which one will you choose as your go to Torrent Client?






VPN Providers & Plans

Learn More About Torrents


Torrents are a clever way to share files with people from all over the world. There are many good torrent sites, and paying attention to the comments for each torrent will help you avoid downloading many bad torrents.


Seeds are referred to users who have downloaded 100% of the torrent file and are still sharing that file with the P2P (peer to peer) network. Without seeds, no one would be able to download the completed file.


Peers are referred to users who are still trying to download the entire file from the peer to peer network. They will have 99% of the file or less and rely on atleast 1 connected seed to complete the file download.

How To Choose The Best VPN?

When choosing the best vpn plan, it's important to consider how you plan to be using the vpn. Speed and security are the 2 most important factors. All of the VPN providers we review come with a "no logs" policy as standard, ensuring that no record of your connection or activity is ever recorded.


No Logs Policy

Choosing a VPN provider that offers a no logs policy means that your connection to the internet and your activities whilst online are completely anonymous. If anyone asks for records, there aren't any to hand over.

Speed and Security

Whether it's streaming Netflix or downloading torrents via P2P, no one likes slow connection speeds or interrupted streaming while the next scene buffers. You won't experience any of those with these VPN plans.

No Data Limits

Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and speed with any of the VPN plans from Nord VPN, Surfshark VPN and CyberGhost VPN. Connect to the VPN server closest to you for the fastest speeds.

Safe And Secure Browsing At Prices You Will Love

VPN Plans